Portrait: Eric B Stogner My journey to fulfill my creative needs began in 1968 when my grandfather gave me my first 35mm camera.
Unlike my prior attempts to find the medium which would allow my creative efforts to come to light, I was very
much at ease with the photographic process.
I soon realized I had very good eye for composition and the instinct when to release the shutter.
Not long after I started photographing nature, birds in particular I came to realize the need for patience on my
part and camera shutter speed to capture the intended subject.
Arriving at the predetermined shooting location before sunrise or sunset, set-up and be ready for what the quality
of light is going to be if any at all, and hoping the subject(s)make an appearance, one just never knows with nature.
I have traveled many miles and waited for hours and ended up with bad lighting conditions, and or no subject, with that being said I have literally walked into some very exciting photographic opportunities with perfect conditions.
Time in the field, learning to be a patient observer and, being still, quite, and learning about the subject I want to photograph, has brought me many successful results.
When I bring the camera to my eye and having the subject in the view finder, I try to wait for eye to eye contact with the subject
and wait for a "look" or pose I want to capture, when that eye contact happens I sense a one on one connection with my subject
and thats when I start releasing the camera's shutter, It's a very rewarding experience for me, and I feel closer with my subject at that moment!
During the years since 1968 I have taken a number of photographic classes at the community colleges to improve my
photographic skills, and abilities.
As a result of my problem with alcohol, in 1982 I was out of work for awhile. I saw an add in the newspaper by the Orange county
American Red Cross looking for volunteers, so I became a public relations photographer for the next two years.
In 1982 and 1983 there were a number of fires and floods in Orange county which kept the Red Cross and myself very busy,
as a result of my photographic work I was awarded the annual Spirit award for volunteer workers, the public relations department
had never been so honored.
By 1992 my problem with alcohol had become very obvious to my second wife to be, so in August of 1992 I went to my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am still going to meeting today and helping to get and stay sober.
In the late 1990's I started entering my work in local and regional county fairs, and I'm have been honored over twenty-five times for my work with various awards.
Sadly in the summer of 2005 my second wife passed away, and that when my drive and passion for photography took hold.
Today I am a member of the Photographic Society of Orange County(PSOC), and a member of the Huntington Beach Art League(HBAL), and a member of the Huntington Beach Art Council.

I was published in the 2009 Wings over Bolsa Chica Calendar,
I was published in the 2006&2015, Best of Photography,
My work has been on display at the Huntington Beach Central Library, December 2015-January 2016.
My work two images was on display at the Huntington Beach Art center's "Centered On Center" in January of 2016.
I was in the "Weekend Art" sponsored by the city of Los Alamitos in April of 2016.
I had 3 prints on display at the HBAL "Open" in May 2016.
I had 3 prints on display at the PSOC "Open" in June of 2016.
My hope today is that my work in some small way will help make people aware of the need to protect and preserve the much
needed area for the wild life left in our area.